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This is our store for you to purchase your Metal Detecting Tools for treasure hunting at the Outer Banks.

Our goal is to offer you quality products and service so on your next vacation to the Outer Banks you will be supplied with what you need to make your treasure hunting experience one to remember.

Each of these items I would personally use while treasure hunting on the beaches of the Outer Banks.

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long handle deep sand scoop

This is our long handle deep digging sand scoop.
I highly recommended it if you don't like to get on your knees to dig.
Give a strong push with your foot and let the extra long snout do the work.
Then lift the scoop and dump the sand out or sift it through the holes and screen mesh to retrieve your find.
It doesn't get much easier than this.


  • 5" 14 gauge stainless steel long nose bucket
  • Heavy Duty fast sifting 1/2" galvanized wire mesh
  • Strong 1-1/4" stainless steel handle
  • Round stainless steel tubing welded to back of bucket for a foot kicker
  • Rubber grip handle on end for comfort


  • Bucket - approx. 13" long x 5" in diameter
  • Overall Length - approx. 49"

90 day limited warranty against manufactures defects.


Garrett pin-pointer metal detector for beach use

The Garrett Pro-Pointer is one of my favorite metal detecting tools. Before I got my Pro-Pointer, I was forever trying to find those small targets in the sand. Now I am able to quickly retrieve my finds by passing this little hand held detector through the sand I dug, pin pointing my target.

Improtant Features

  • Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate target indicators
  • Pinpoint tip detection
  • 360° side scan detection area
  • LED light for low light uses
  • Scraping blade for searching soil
  • Automatic tuning
  • Woven belt holster included
  • Water resistant
  • Manufactures Warranty

$127.45 Free Shipping

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Graphic Display

The Garrett AT Pro is the newest metal detector by Garrett Metal Detectors.
This detector has many of the features that you'll want for metal detecting on the beach, at an affordable price.
The AT Pro detector is fully water proof to 10 feet and it has the ability to ground balance out the affects of salt water minerals.

I have found this machine to be an awesome beach metal detector.
My favorite feature is the discrimination ability to identify bottle caps and other iron, saving a lot of extra unnecessary digging.

Important Features

  • Light Weight - 3.03 pounds
  • Water Proof to 10 feet
  • Ground Balancing - automatic and manually adjustable
  • Full discriminiation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Digital target ID scale from 0 - 99
  • Sensitive 15 kHz frequecy for finding small items and gold jewelry
  • Operates on only 4 AA batteries
  • Headphones (submersible headphones sold seperately)
  • Two year Manufactures Warranty

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$594.95 Free Shipping

Garrett sea hunter metal detector

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is a professionals metal detector used for beach, surf and diving.
It features pulse induction technology giving it the ability to ignore the minerals in salt water.
This detector is completely water proof to a depth of 200 feet, making it an awesome choice to add as one of your metal detecting tools for the beach and surf in your search for hidden treasures.

Important Features

  • 8" mono search coil
  • Fully waterproof to a depth of 200 ft.
  • 3 search modes
  • Submersible Headphones
  • 22 frequencies
  • Length Adjustable from 28" - 52"
  • One Year Manufactures Warranty

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$637.45 Free Shipping

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