Roanoke Island
Early Historic Site

Of all the Outer Banks, Roanoke Island is home to some of the earliest history in the forming of our nation.

While you are vacationing here at the Outer Banks, you will want to visit this historic island and walk through these sites of early U.S. history.

As you explore the island you will discover the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site that preserves the location of the earliest English settlement in this new land.

Discover the mystery of this early colony of Englishmen that had vanished into history without a trace after only a couple years of being established.

Paul Green's, The Lost Colony, outdoor drama has been reenacted in the summers for more than 70 years depicting the events around the mysterious disappearance of the colony established by Sir Walter Raleigh.

elizabeth ll ship

Roanoke Island Festival Park located in Manteo is a historic park with interactive activities and reproductions of early U.S. history.

You will be able to walk on-board the Elizabeth II, a reproduction of one of the ships that brought the early colonists to the island in 1587.

Visit the Settlement Site and experience what life as a colonist was like through the interpreters that are dressed in full costume.

You can even try your hand at some of the trade crafts, like the art of blacksmithing or shoemaking.

wooden sailboat

North Carolina Maritime Museum is in the George Washington Creef Boathouse on the Manteo waterfront.

While visiting the museum you will learn about the local history and culture surrounding the lives of the local fishermen and sailors of the Outer Banks.

Along with having exhibits of early boats, there are classes offered on boat building at the Creef Boathouse.

If you are interested in boating, there are community classes made available on sailing, boat handling and safety.

I hope you enjoy your visit of the historic sites on Roanoke Isle.

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